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Camera lenses from ZEISS are used by millions

of photographers around the globe: on SLR cameras, rangefinder cameras or mirrorless system cameras, and on Sony cameras, smartphones, in video-conferencing systems

and in webcams.


Cinematography lenses from ZEISS have helped to create distinctive images in many famous movies, e.g. «Lord of the Rings», and have already received three Technical Academy Awards.

ZEISS Batis Lenses. Autofocus lenses for mirrorless full-frame A7 system cameras and professional E-mount FS5/FS7 cine/broadcast cameras from Sony.


Enhanced Operation

• Fast autofocus and handy focusing ring for ultra-precise manual focusing

• Distance and depth-of-field indicators with OLED display


Quality Workmanship

• Weather and dust protection for use in extreme conditions • Highly robust yet lightweight housing for many years of use • Innovative product design

Sony has jointly developed a line of lenses with the legendary ZEISS® to put over 160 years of optical expertise into your hands. Special glass, coatings, and sophisticated manufacturing combine to give you truly professional, creative tools.

A-mount lenses

Originating from a deep history of lens experience, the A-mount system offers versatility to all SONY A-mount and E-mount cameras, such as the popular α77II and expert-level α99II.


E-mount lenses

Designed to work with SONY compact and mirrorless E-mount cameras, this expanding lineup offers different APS-C and full-frame options.


EBDN Ltd. Zeiss Lens RENTALS - For Filmcrews and Film Students. Production Rentals Simplified and Straightforward.


For those who prefer the quality and/or familiarity of Zeiss optics on their projects, we now offer a simplified rental program. It’s designed for productions, not as a day rental. Look for any products you need on the webshop including CINE Primes and Zooms, place the order and add the 195 Euro Rental UPS shipping* item to it. Read more ...



Compact Lenses

The Compact family of lenses is the world’s first full-frame (24 x 36 mm) Cine lens set designed for all types of cameras (HDSLR to high-end digital movie cameras). The Interchangeable Mount System guarantees high flexibility for present and future use in any situation and for a wide range of camera platforms.

Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses

Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed Lenses


Zoom Lenses

The new Compact Zoom CZ.2 lenses are as versatile as they are powerful and incorporate features never seen before on lenses of this kind. They are handy, compact, ready for 4k and even offer full-frame coverage. With their various zoom lengths, they give you a wide range of creative options.

Compact Zoom CZ.2 Lenses


Master Family, Ultra Family and Master Anamorphic Family of Lenses *

The Master family of lenses is fast and has an optical performance surpassing that of all standard speed primes.


The Ultra family of lenses has been developed to feature the widest range of focal lengths of all prime lens sets available to cover every cinematic need. They are the perfect combination for high-end film or digital PL-Mount Cine cameras.


The Master Anamorphic family of lenses offers a unique revolutionary new optical technology, with optimized flare and bokeh as well as state-of-the-art lens barrels.


The whole family has been developed by ARRI and ZEISS to enable shots that would have been considered impossible before.


* Not available through the webshop. Request quote by email.



ZEISS optical filters, camera and cleaning accessories are tailored to meet the requirements of demanding photographers.


T* POL filters

T* UV filters


Cleaning Products

Camera Straps




Attached in a flash!

ZEISS Lens Gears make ZEISS Otus, ZEISS Milvus and ZEISS Loxia lenses a proper Cine-style lens for professional filmmakers. The ZEISS Lens Gears are available in four different sizes: Mini, Small, Medium and Large.


They are supplied with a rubber covered band, the GumGum, which features an adhesive surface. This means the inner diameter can be reduced according to the lens diameter, thus supporting multiple lenses. The GumGum also protects against scratches and other damage to the focus ring of the lens.


Quick mounting – no tools needed.

Made of lightweight aluminum.

Hardened surface coating.

Features a 0.8 pitched gear.

Follow focus runs smoother than ever before.

No more screwdrivers, worn-out belts or straps that stick out.

Attached in a flash!

ZEISS Lens Gears make ZEISS Otus, ZEISS Milvus and ZEISS Loxia lenses a proper Cine-style lens for professional filmmakers.

The ZEISS Otus, ZEISS Milvus and ZEISS Loxia lenses are now also compatible with follow focus systems.The new ZEISS Lens Gear Rings in the four sizes mini, small, medium and large turn camera lenses into movie lenses in a flash. ZEISS Lens Gears boast impressive versatility and no-fuss mounting.


The ZEISS Lens Gear Rings are made of premium aluminum with a hardened surface coating, are slid onto the relevant lens and attached to the focus ring of the lens simply by turning the two counteracting rings. Holding one ring firmly, turn the other clockwise to attach the lens and counter-clockwise to remove it. Read more.



SLR Lenses by ZEISS for digital single-lens reflex cameras offer many creative possibilities for personalized manual composition.


Otus Lenses (ZE-mount | ZF.2-mount)

Milvus Lenses (ZE-mount | ZF.2-mount)

Classic Lenses (ZE-mount | ZF.2-mount)

Sony/ZEISS Lenses (A-mount)


CSC Lenses

Make the most of mirrorless cameras with the cutting-edge optical technology of ZEISS lenses – each one is ideally matched to the benefits of compact system cameras.


Batis Lenses (E-mount)

Loxia Lenses (E-mount)

Touit Lenses (E-mount | X-mount)

Sony/ZEISS Lenses (E-mount)


SLR Lenses / CSC Lenses for E-Mount

Manual focus lenses from ZEISS offer a harmonic image even under difficult lighting conditions. With SLR and mirrorless cameras these lenses retain their excellent image quality even at close focus across the whole picture format (24 x 36 mm). The smooth focus combination with Zeiss Lens Gear allows perfect follow focus applications.


CSC lenses are the perfect companion for Sony FS5, FS7 and A7S.

A separate lens mount adapter is needed.


ZM lenses combine the classic design of the M-Mount system with intuitive operation.

Sony E-Mount, Manual Focus

Loxia Lenses

ZEISS Loxia lenses were specifically designed for Sony A7 cameras. This means that they can make the most of the mirrorless, full frame system, while giving you all the creative possibilities of ‘classic’ photography with manual focus at the same time.


And that’s not all: ZEISS Loxia lenses also provide everything you need to shoot high quality video, such as the unique DeClick feature for smooth adjustment of the aperture, for example.

ZE and ZF.2 Manual Focus SLR lenses

Milvus Lenses

ZEISS has developed a new family of products designed to unleash the performance of modern, high-resolution DSLR cameras.

From portraits and landscapes to architectural and street photography, ZEISS has the right focal length and the best imaging performance for every situation. With optimum image quality, full focus control, and a cutting-edge design, you can be confident of getting your subject and its creative potential firmly in the foreground, giving unique results every time.

Premium SLR lenses for ZE and ZF.2 Mount.

Otus Lenses

The Otus® lenses are the pinnacle of over 125 years of expertise and experience in optical and mechanical excellence. Only the best materials and the highest quality glass were good enough for lenses that were designed, at every stage, with one single thought in mind: to offer the highest possible performance. Achieving the simple goal of offering you something that is truly perfect. The best lenses in the world.


Webshop operated by European Broadcast Distribution Network Ltd.

EBDN Ltd. Unit 3D North Point House

North Point Business Park, New Mallow Road.

Cork T23 AT2P, Co. Cork, Ireland



Ireland Reg: 522568 VAT IE 1112148TH

+ 353 85 862 9505 webshop@zeiss-optics.eu


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